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When should I order my gown?

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One of the most frequent questions I receive is: "when should I order my gown?" If I were a bride today and planning my wedding any time within a year of the wedding is a good time to order.  My production schedule books out anywhere from 8-16 weeks depending on the time of year.  When you place your order that means there could be at least 8 weeks of orders ahead of yours.  It is important to plan ahead especially when working with a seamstress that does custom work.  We like ample time and get tired of staying up late.  There may also be production delays because of back ordered supplies so ordering ahead of schedule helps both of us whilst any delays.

Taking rush orders usually means I am willing to stay up late and work on your gown and sacrifice sleep.  I do receive requests to make custom gowns in less than 2 weeks.  It is next to impossible to take those rush orders.  I usually have to order fabrics as soon as you place an order and that can take at least a week to receive.  Rush orders are now very limited and will usually require a rush fee when ordered less than 30 days prior to your event.

What if I plan to order a gown and am worried about loosing weight?  

You can still place a deposit for a custom gown to hold your place in line.  If I am booked out 12 weeks that gives you 12 weeks to loose weight and submit your measurements.  Remember corsets lace tighter!  

*If you place a deposit in June and want a gown finished by October you can literally wait almost all summer to send me your measurements.  Much better to plan early then later. ;) 

New silk fabrics

Finding affordable high quality fabrics is one of the challenges designers face.  The price of materials will either drastically increase or decrease the price of a couture design.  This custom made skirt is made from silk taffeta.  Silk taffeta is difficult to find below $45.00 yard.  I am now offering designs in silks.  Silk can [...]

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How do I trust that you can fit me when I never see you?

I have been making custom gowns and corsets, shipping them all over the world since 2005.  In that time, I have no idea how many gowns I have made but it is a lot.  90% of my brides and customers I actually never meet face to face.  I began offering the muslin fit service because [...]

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Hologram fabric dresses

I have been really inspired by hologram fabrics and ombre colors for my alternative bridal dresses this spring season.  I love the colors that are available.  I have made 3 sample corset dresses so far this year and I have another in the works which will hopefully be debuted soon.  The colors have a beautiful [...]

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Color bridal gowns are my speciality

If you have not noticed making wedding gowns that have splashes of color are my passion.  Although there are a variety of beautiful ivory and white wedding fabrics available adding color is one of my favorite things to do.   This beautiful dress has brown, ivory, and green colors...the theme was woodland steampunk fairy tale.The [...]

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Spring 2017 Fashion Show

I unveiled a new color wedding gown collection at the beginning of this year for alternative brides.  I chose a variety of colors for the corset gowns, including purples, blues and blacks.  I made my traditional corset dresses but one I made a full length dress.  I spent weeks making these gowns in between finishing [...]

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Working with photographer's Frank LeBoeuf and Yuri Faer featuring model Dorotka

This past summer I had the chance to have a new set of steampunk inspired designs photographed by Frank LeBoeuf and Yuri Faer.  Dorotka Modelka was the model that is shown wearing one of my corsets and tutu designs (light blue dress). I have been trying out different photographers this past year and Frank and [...]

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Custom made wardrobe sets inspired by Outlander

A couple of years ago I began designing a beautiful pattern for a new corset.  The design combined 18th and 19th styles of corsetry.  I wanted to make a corset that was versatile and that could be used within a "wardrobe".  The wearer could add different chemises, sleeves, skirts, bustles, etc...to create their own unique [...]

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Custom corsets in coutil

Brandi drove all the way from Wyoming to get a custom coutil corset to go under her bridal gown.  She was starting to panic as she went to every lingerie shop in Denver and Wyoming.  Until she met with me one afternoon.  She needed to contain "the girls and the dinner party"....lol.  I had a [...]

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Mother of the Groom Dresses were the theme this September

The Secret Boutique can now add custom mother of the groom dresses to the portfolio.  It's difficult enough to find a youthful, elegant, and beautiful dress for mom's of the bride's/groom's to be.  Finding a steampunk theme dress is even more difficult but I created this beautiful 3 piece silk ensemble for Mary.  She needed [...]

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