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2018 production and new options before taking the plunge and buying a couture gown online

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2017 was one of my busiest years I have ever had.  Thank you! It meant success.  Going forward this year (today is March 2nd) and I am finally seeing the light at the end of the production tunnel with 2017 commissions.  Yes, I am still working on gowns from 2017.  I have decided to limit rush orders in 2018 because it isn't fair if someone has been waiting for their gown.  I will be limiting items on Etsy as I get busy throughout the year.  

New options:

I have decided to offer color sketch options.  You can now purchase your own custom sketches along with fabric samples to start the design process.  The purchase of sketches will go toward the balance of your gown.  If you are unable to visit me in Denver, CO and are unsure about purchasing a custom corset online, please remember I offer the muslin service.  This is where you can purchase a cotton copy of your very own corset.  You can purchase this to start the process and see if a Secret Boutique design is right for you before purchasing a custom corset gown.  This means you can try on the cotton version of your corset in the comfort of your home.  I can do a fitting via skype...sounds different but I actually do it all the time :)...with women all over the world. 

This summer you will see new couture gowns and more white and ivory designs.  I plan to keep updating the social media sites this spring and summer as time allows.  When you do not see me on social media, it is because I am swamped with sewing work and fittings.  Thank you brides, customers and fans.  I could not do this without your support.

Before the gown is finished:

Mandy is a plus size model that is modeling a gown to show how the toile process works with custom made gowns.

First the pattern is drafted, then the cotton copy of the corset is made.  In this case the muslin was only needed for the corset part of the gown and not the skirt.  Only one fitting was required and I made the corset from that fitting.

Here she is modeling the final purple taffeta plus size bridal gown.  She looks stunning in this gown.


Mandy Jean model

Terry Ewald photography

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