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Cotton Collection, runway shows, and internships....


You will probably be tired of seeing this dress over the next few weeks but I am excited to be continuing to do something different.  I was recently inspired to start working on a line of gowns that could be worn for desert weddings.  I became inspired by Burning Man, desert sunsets, and western Colorado landscapes.  

Off subject I have been asked to show in many different fashion events/runway shows this fall.  Since I have been so busy with custom orders, I think runway shows may be put on hold this fall.  If I have enough energy I may decide to do 1, 2 if my interns want me to show and want to help.

The interns make most of the new samples you are seeing while I work on custom commissions.  In order to work on gowns the interns start with basic cutting and patterning and drafting skills.  Once they are trained in this they move on to construction.  Toiles are made and then fitting checked. Paper patterns are refined and then it's onto final construction and embellishing.  It's a crash course in couture training but the interns seem to love it.

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