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Custom made wardrobe sets inspired by Outlander

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A couple of years ago I began designing a beautiful pattern for a new corset.  The design combined 18th and 19th styles of corsetry.  I wanted to make a corset that was versatile and that could be used within a "wardrobe".  The wearer could add different chemises, sleeves, skirts, bustles, etc...to create their own unique look.  This photograph shows a formal dress version with 5 different pieces (corset, chemise, sleeves, bustle, and skirt). This design was inspired by the costumes worn in the tv series Outlander.  Claire's yellow silk dress was the inspiration for this set. You can have the set custom made to your color tastes and size.  The underskirt and chemise are washable. I would love to see someone order this in solid purple or blue.  There will be many variations in the future to choose from and different styles and price points.  

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