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New dresses at affordable prices

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You may have noticed my prices for custom or "couture" designs increased over the last year while recently I am 

working with local contract workers and manufacturers to produce gowns at lower prices.  Custom will still be a higher 

rate because it is very time consuming to research materials, draft patterns, make toile's, do fittings by skype or in 

person, dye fabrics, then make the final garment.  

The nice thing about the dresses that are available in standard sizing is the price.  I can offer them at a much more 

affordable price then custom making them.  These corset dresses went into standard sizing production this past week.

There will be many more choices by the end of the year at different price points for 2018.  I can't wait to show you all the

 beautiful new designs that are being made at the Secret Boutique, for now you can order these two styles:


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