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Photographer Ayvin Arthur

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About once a year a friend named Ayvin Arthur will email me and ask if I have a new corset design that needs to be shot.  I can never say no.  Ayvin is a wonderful soul and captivating photographer.  The quality of his work is very high end and I can only imagine the day he is picked up by a popular magazine.  He travels the world taking photographs of his travels, friends, and models.  He will only work with the best and coaches me to do so as well. I am blessed that he admires the details of my corset gowns and manages to capture the couture beauty of my work.  I hope to see this bright star go very far and look forward to the next project we will work on in the near future.  Currently his home base is Denver, CO.

To view his portfolio:


His photos can be seen through out my website (banners).  

Models: Michael Thomas Hanke, Carolyn Nowak and Jess Sherwood


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