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Spring 2017 Fashion Show


I unveiled a new color wedding gown collection at the beginning of this year for alternative brides.  I chose a variety of colors for the corset gowns, including purples, blues and blacks.  I made my traditional corset dresses but one I made a full length dress.  I spent weeks making these gowns in between finishing up custom orders.  Many winter nights were spent watching my favorite romantic movies and hand sewing lace or hologram flowers.  I had a very fun time experimenting with a variety of ombre shades I used with tulle and hologram fabrics.  The blue and black gowns were designed with the galaxy in mind and the purple gowns around orchids.  I personally hope one day to wear that purple velvet dress or make one for myself if I ever need a dress...for a masquerade ball.  I stepped out of my comfort zone once more and had a wonderful time showing it at the CPCA awards this January 2017.  I am currently working on a Steampunk Fashion Show June 2017.  Dear diary, I promise to write more as I have so many wonderful photos to talk about.

Denver area models shown from left to right and noted with their face book names: Katie Firefly, Lindsey Lashowski, Cat James, Precious Davis, Jade Locke, Dorotka Modelka, Melody Esler, Cursie Lee, Dominique Bargaineer, and Lily Withers.

We had a lot of fun practicing in the mirrors before the show and these ladies are beautiful.

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