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New dresses at affordable prices

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You may have noticed my prices for custom or "couture" designs increased over the last year while recently I am 

working with local contract workers and manufacturers to produce gowns at lower prices.  Custom will still be a higher 

rate because it is very time consuming to research materials, draft patterns, make toile's, do fittings by skype or in 

person, dye fabrics, then make the final garment.  

The nice thing about the dresses that are available in standard sizing is the price.  I can offer them at a much more 

affordable price then custom making them.  These corset dresses went into standard sizing production this past week.

There will be many more choices by the end of the year at different price points for 2018.  I can't wait to show you all the

 beautiful new designs that are being made at the Secret Boutique, for now you can order these two styles:


When should I order my gown?

One of the most frequent questions I receive is: "when should I order my gown?" If I were a bride today and planning my wedding any time within a year of the wedding is a good time to order.  My production schedule books out anywhere from 8-16 weeks depending on the time of year.  When [...]

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New silk fabrics

Finding affordable high quality fabrics is one of the challenges designers face.  The price of materials will either drastically increase or decrease the price of a couture design.  This custom made skirt is made from silk taffeta.  Silk taffeta is difficult to find below $45.00 yard.  I am now offering designs in silks.  Silk can [...]

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Mother of the Groom Dresses were the theme this September

The Secret Boutique can now add custom mother of the groom dresses to the portfolio.  It's difficult enough to find a youthful, elegant, and beautiful dress for mom's of the bride's/groom's to be.  Finding a steampunk theme dress is even more difficult but I created this beautiful 3 piece silk ensemble for Mary.  She needed [...]

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Working with Nicole Nichols

I contacted Nicole Nichols this past spring to do a creative photo shoot.  I was captured by her beautiful website and noticed she photographed traditional and alternative weddings.  Her photography is beyond stunning and I thought her take would be perfect for the new line of bridal gowns I wanted to debut this fall.  Knowing [...]

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New Gowns made from Silk fabrics

Silk dresses are my favorite to make.  The rich and vibrant color of silk fabric really pops on camera.  Whenever I have a consultation for a custom dress I also recommend silk taffeta, satin, or dupioni.  There is nothing like the feel of silk, it's natural properties allow it to breathe and layering it creates [...]

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Working with Erik Cooper

This summer I had the chance to work with photographer Erik Cooper.  Erik's photography is perfect for catalogs.  It has been difficult to find photographers that focus on the clothing design itself.  While I understand the need for artistic photography (fantasy style shoots) my customers still like the simplistic clean views of my designs.  Erik [...]

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