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Couture Bridal Gowns

Couture bridal gowns are the finest designs that Jade can create for you.  Each gown is carefully hand crafted to fit your body and suite your design tastes.  Couture bridal gowns often are made from the finest silk fabrics available and require several in person fittings. Completely original couture designs are where Jade creates a design you have only seen in your dreams. A pattern must be created, fabrics sourced, embellishments and laces are possibly dyed or embellished and hand painted.  These designs require a tedius amount of labor.  Muslins are made to fit the pattern of the corsets and sometimes the entire gown will require a muslin.

These designs are more complex and can only be ordered locally in Colorado.  It's not unusual for these designs to take many hours to create.  The average price of a completely custom couture design starts at $1,200.00 on up.  Please email for more information.


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