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Can I try on sample gowns and corsets at your store?

Yes, I have an industrial studio space located in the Rino Art District of downtown Denver, CO.  You may make an appointment to stop by and try on gowns.  Please understand this is not a typical "boutique" I have a modest sewing space, filled with beautiful fabrics, sample gowns and corsets, and sewing machines buzzing.  Having a custom gown made is a different experience than going to a traditional bridal gown store.  We do not have several hundred gowns to choose from to try on.  

Should I make an appointment?

Yes, please.  I work by appointment only.  Email is the fastest way to make an appointment.  Sundays are closed.

Your gowns seem expensive, why?

When you order from a traditional bridal gown store you are usually paying for a gown made from China.  The difference is you will be paying more for labor.  If you order a gown from a bridal store and it costs $1,000 and you end up having to pay for alterations (another $400-500) then is it really that much more expensive when most of your alterations if not all will be included in your custom made gown from the Secret Boutique?

We will spend time searching for your perfect color, fabrics, trims, etc...making the pattern, fitting the gown to your body, draping, sewing, adding the trims, embellishments and finishing the gown by hand.  It's a lot of work and many hours of labor are involved with your gown but it is custom made just for you.

Do you work with plus size women?

Yes! Most of the designs we make are for plus sizes.  We have a lot of experience fitting plus size women.

How can you fit me if I never personally see you?

With a great measurement chart & a lot of experience.  I've fit hundreds of online clients successfully.  The best part of the online fitting process is the muslin service we offer.  Muslins are copies of your corset and sent to you prior to finishing your gown or corset.  These are fit in the comfort of your own home.

Are you comfortable with lesbian weddings?

Of course! :) We are open to working with tg, gay, and lesbian clients.  Please email for more information.

Do you make custom corsets?

Yes.  It's always best to just email us for a quote and time frame for a custom corset.  

Do you have corsets I can try on and buy at your studio?

Sometimes depending on our stock.  It's always best to call but I'm usually available to let you see the designs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Bridal consultations are always best scheduled.  Evening appointments are always available too throughout the week.

When should I order my bridal gown?

No sooner than 1 year before your wedding and no later than 4 months before.  We can actually get booked 4-5 months out depending on the time of year.  Occasionally rushes can be accomodated if our schedule allows.  Please email if you have a rush request.

I'm loosing weight when should I order a bridal gown?

Measurements must be submitted no later than 4 months prior to the wedding.  The great thing about corsets...they can always be laced tighter. :)  Please email if you have any questions regarding this.  If you are a local bride we can do fittings up until a month before the wedding.

I'm traveling through Denver can you make a gown while I'm in town?

Depends on the time of year, our schedule, and the design but yes we have done this before.  Usually we end up having to ship the final gown back to you because of the amount of labor involved however we can usually get 85% of the work done on your gown and all the fittings while you are in town.

How many fittings does it take for a bridal gown?

Usually 2-3 for our current line, for completely custom gowns it will just depend on the design.

Can you make custom made skirts for weddings?

Yes, just email if you have an idea with photos.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, the average price to ship international express is $75.00 for a gown and 3 day fedex is $150.00 but this will depend on the country.

Do you use steel boning?

Yes, we only use steel boning in our corsets and bridal gowns.  Occasionally we will add different types of boning in custom bridal gowns where needed but mainly we use steel boning.

 Do you sell wholesale?

Some of our designs are available wholesale.  Mainly our line of seperates (corsets, skirts, and bustles).  Custom made gowns are one of a kind and not available wholesale.

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