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Mock up corsets & toiles

A true couture designer will offer a toile service for custom made gowns and corsets.  At The Secret Boutique, that is just what we offer.  If you order a custom made gown online or locally, a toile will be made of your corset or entire design.  A fitting will be done to check style lines and fit.  Changes will then be made to your pattern. 

If you are an online customer, illustrated instructions will be sent with your toile or by email.  Most toiles will fit very accurately if you have taken the time to take your measurements correctly.  Minor changes are usually needed but 95% or more customers usually say in emails "fits perfectly".  Since I have amassed a large inventory of custom patterns I was able to make our standard corsets from average measurements and even our standard gowns and corsets fit accurately.



If you are considering ordering a gown and would like the piece of mind of having it fit correctly, I will always suggest ordering a toile in addition to your gown.  Most gowns priced $800 and above include the toile service. 



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